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Moonscape was established in 1997 on the concept idea: TECHNOLOGY MADE SIMPLE.


Our mission was to develop advanced technical solutions with "easy to use" user interface. 


We succeeded and currently our solutions are in use world wide. 


In 2006 we joined forces with our competitor Radix Technology. Together we had the strength to continue our focus on R&D, in a ever more complex software market. 


Our focus shifted towards mobile devices. Today our MDM, Mobile Device Management, is probably the most advanced availible. The only MDM that can restore a tablet to a customized image.  


We have certainly come far from our humble beginning, where we restored PCs locally, Smartrecovery, to now installing systems for central control of thousands of devices, Client Control, efficient classroom control, Smartclass, Digital Signage System used both in private and public sector, to efficient keep public updated. 


The journey have been amazing thanks to amazing customers, who continuously give us new tasks to solve. 

Our mission


Our mission is to make mobile device fleets in every type of organization more effective, secure, and manageable than ever before. In education, this maximizes the pedagogic effectivity of the mobile device learning platform, whereas in the business world it allows thorough operational efficiency.


Our activities have focused on assisting administrators, support engineers, project leaders, parents, teachers, vendors and private users. We aim to keep them informed on all device activity, while delivering tools for optimal system management. This translates to monitoring, support, policy enforcement and screen control on single and multiple computing devices.


The IT world is rapidly transitioning to cloud services. Radix expertise lies in complete remote management, both at the hardware and application level, even when devices are located beyond the organization’s network. Remote administration and educator tools not only enhance digital learning environments, but reduce system downtime and protect devices in unsecured public networks.


Products and Solutions


The next generation product line was designed to overcome the daily challenges of the elastic technology world. Flexible and agile solutions release IT administrators from the constant pressure associated with navigating this fast evolving and changing landscape.

Our solutions are already managing and safeguarding millions of devices: Increasing stability and minimizing downtime for thousands of businesses, governments organizations, enterprises, security services, financial institutions, universities and education centers worldwide. Our development team is always searching to find more efficient, user-friendly solutions while looking ahead and foreseeing the future of technology.

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