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”Are you the IT-manager that has to reinstall Windows, uninstall software that has been downloaded from the Internet, and reset menus and settings after the user has messed it up? Then, Moonscape Protection© will save you a lot of time and effort.”
After turning on the protection, we uninstalled some programs, removed some files, and cleaned up the hard drive. We removed as much as 3 GB of data.
Then we turned off the machine, turned it on again, and chose restore in the menu.
And ta-da, or rather after about 4 minutes of waiting for Windows to start, the machine was exactly the same as before we did the “clean-up”.
Just as amazing every time.
“The feedback from both the teachers and the students on this solution has been very positive. What is most important to all parties is that the computer works for every class – and it does.”
- Municipality in Norway
”After I installed Moonscape in my computer, I have not had any problems. I have a fast and stabile computer, that is as good as new, every single day.”
– IT Manager in an SMB-company

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