Info-screen system -Digital Signage System



Now digital signage in public areas is a luxury your school can afford! Introducing an exciting and flexible new dimension to student communication, Radix fully customized public signage and message boards are an easily attainable reality.


Our Digital Signage solutions are scalable and affordable.


They couldn’t be easier to master, with no need for a complex back-end system, and seamless integration with the Google calendar and storage environment. In fact for Google users, the interface carries no learning curve at all.


Forget complex systems - Moonscape Info-Screen - TECHNOLOGY MADE SIMPLE



A rich feature-set allows you to:

  • Manage and update digital content from anywhere in the world

  • Maintain and display room-allocation calendars

  • Display custom messages at pre-set time intervals

  • Incorporate branded layouts with attractive backgrounds

  • Include video files, YouTube links and pictures

  • Add RSS feeds for fresh and dynamic content

  • Design and display unique rotating content for every area

  • Build content from ready-made or customized templates 

Key specifications:

Low voltage optional hardware

No need for wired LAN connection, working also over WiFi

Manage multiple displays in one interface

Supports online and local storage

A plug-in for Google Calendar

Cost effective

Contact us:


T: + 47 93 22 20 93







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