Transforming the digital classroom
into your school’s greatest learning resource.


The Radix VISO device management platform caters to the needs of every stakeholder in the childs’ learning cycle – educators, administrators, parents and managers. VISO establishes a true learning partnership between home and school, while streamlining and expanding mobile device access and management.

Watch our videos to fully understand the technical capabilities of Radix Viso Device Management platform for your devices.


Device Management Platform




Maximize precious teaching time and make the digital classroom work for you.

  • Focus learning by locking and remotely controlling student screens

  • Broadcast teacher screen, and showcase selected student screens

  • Monitor real-time thumbnail views of student screens

  • Block vetoed web pages and apps

  • Assess learning benchmarks with quizzes and tests

  • Engage collaborative learning with interactive whiteboard and in-class chat

  • Send and receive docs, respond to raised hand icons

IT Administrators


Centrally manage and support from the comfort of your web console – device and platform agnostic.

  • Provide remote, web-based assistance, work alongside or take screen control

  • Centrally manage device settings, apps and policies

  • Streamline software distribution and updates

  • Secure and track devices with locking anti-theft module

  • Achieve proactive and effective monitoring via alerts

  • Easily produce detailed usage reports

  • Group and tag devices according to pre-defined criteria

Support for all major operating systems

Checkout the new Chrome OS support!

  • View students screens in thumbnails

  • View live remote screens with details

  • Share teacher’s screen for demonstration

  • Share student screens with the classroom

  • Raise hands, chat, group chat, messages

  • Launch websites and apps

  • Lock student screens for attention

  • Whitelist and blacklist access to websites

  • Monitor student website activity

  • Monitor device information

  • Monitor battery state

  • Monitor application statistics

  • Review device location history
    and much more

Radix VISO Chrome OS support is designed for teachers and IT admins.



Access high resolution management reports that support your evaluation
strategy and qualify decision making.

  • Monitor technology usage and operation: Nationwide, districtwide, schoolwide

  • Determine device usage patterns with big data analytics

  • Centrally monitor all roaming devices

  • Access clear performance diagnostics and ROI indicators

  • Evaluate performance reports to minimize resource consumption

  • Empower your teachers and enhance student productivity.



Engage with your child’s online landscape and close the cyber gap between parents, teachers and students.

  • View your child’s screen remotely, in real-time

  • Receive alerts on device misuse

  • View browsing history and app use

  • Detect e-Safety concerns, cyber bullying or inappropriate language

  • Participate in your child’s education



  • Screen Sharing Engine 

  • Peer-to-peer 

  • Unified interface 

  • LMS plug-in and SDK 

  • Easy logistics 

  • Multi-platform support 

  • Multi-lingual 

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