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Mobile device protection
Anti-theft & Geo-fencing

Track, lock and wipe lost or stolen devices. Mobile device protection, Keep your mobile devices fleet secure at all times. Protect devices and content according to predefined criteria, and make them useless in the wrong hands.

VISO streamlines mobile device protection, content security and device tracking. Set active alert methods and triggers such as Geo-fencing and perimeter control.

Tracking devices is critical for device fleet maintenance, lost or stolen devices present security threats, data leaks and substantial loss. No matter if you are managing nomadic users or lend devices to users/students/employees, tracking the location and whereabouts of a device is critical. An advanced built-in alerting system can be triggered, engaging with a series of visible and audible measures as well as silent alarms.

Lost or stolen?

When a device is lost or stolen, you may trigger a sequence of events that will locate, wipe and lock it, making it useless. Once a device is retrieved you may unlock it.

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