MDM introduction video

MDM short introduction video cartoon explaining the different use cases. 

MDM console demo video

Watch an overview of the web interface and different functions of Radix MDM.

SapphireCast™ engine

SapphireCast™ is the most advanced screen cast engine supporting Android and Windows.

Mobile Device Management System (MDM)

Powerful cloud-based Mobile Device Management platform
optimized for ease-of-use.

MDM enables help desks, IT administrators and project leaders to centrally manage and support thousands of device owners wherever they are. Reaching well beyond the local network boundaries, Radix’ Centralized Management System delivers a bird’s-eye view of an entire device fleet, enabling administrators to give the best support possible with optimal conditions for decision-making.


Extend your support umbrella, control capabilities and manage nomadic users’ mobile devices (BYOD) from wherever they are located and operating, both inside and beyond the organization’s network. Manage mission critical and complex IT infrastructures and simplify demanding operation and maintenance work on thousands of remote and roaming computers, laptops, tablets and more.


Whatever the environment – municipality, university, school, help desk centers or enterprises – Our MDM most effectively caters to support the specific requirements of each case.


Click on video below to explore all possibilities with our unique, advanced, still easy to use MDM system. 

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