On-task switches students or employees tablets to a pre-set Kiosk mode – lock down devices with customized user interface, minimal apps and buttons – ensuring they stay focused and on-task.


Selecting Kiosk lockdown mode and switching between regular operation mode and the various Kiosk modes can be remotely executed by the parent, administrator or teacher with the use of On-Task. 






Manage On-task using:


On-Task – kiosk mode, policy and device lockdown





On-task allows effective tablet usage, by mission, to its task

  • Create encapsulated environments based on preconfigured policies

  • Lock apps and whitelist others to remove distractions

  • Create customized desktop environments

  • Limit the use of Internet

  • Limit the tablet usage by schedule or triggers

  • Enable/disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other hardware elements

  • Best for Kiosks, Schools, home and tablets lockdown made for a mission.

  • Brand your activity with a custom background and unique interface

  • Limit software installations and device settings

Locally on the tablet using a local password

Remotely by the Teacher using SmartClass

Remotely to mass by the Admin using our MDM

Locally and remotely remote & local combined

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