Our solutoons gives your IT department a birds eye perspective of your digital deveices with optimal possibility for control


Solutions for implementing technology in the classroom with success. 

NEW! MDM with automatic restore to customized configuration



Our R&D has one main objective:


Make IT administrators life easier!


Below you find some examples on how our technology can assist an IT administrator: 


  • Manage and control devices via cloud-based MDM (Mobile Device Management System), allowing centralized remote support

  • Create groups, reports and alerts to increase ease of use

  • Track, lock and wipe devices for maximum privacy

  • Manage policies and applications


Produkts for Administrators:


MDM - Mobile Device Management 


ON-TASK - Kiosk Mode 


GeoLock - Anti-Theft


Digital Signage


You do not need to re-invent the wheel. Use our technology to reach new hights with your solutions by implementing our SKU 



 Our solutions empowers educators and students, allowing the learning environment to flourish by enabling to:


  • Share screens in real-time, facilitating full collaboration in the classroom

  • Lock device/s for attention, eliminating unnecessary distractions

  • Share any content, apps and web pages

  • Conduct polls, quizzes and surveys to quantify what students have understood

  • Provide each student with a unique and tailored learning experience


Products for Educators:


SMARTCLASS - Classroom control


MDM - Mobile Device Management


ON-TASK - Kiosk Mode


SMARTRECOVERY - instant recovery


GeoLock - Anti-Theft


Digital Signage 




We are a development-focused company. We are always open to sharing our knowledge and technology to enhance the products of others. Our R&D team comprises highly skilled and experienced programmers, who constantly stay abreast of latest technology developments to provide premium develop and integration services.

With our solutions, developers can:


  • Use our device management capabilities in your environment

  • Add our screen sharing technology to your app

  • Insert our technology into your OEM devices

  • Integrate the our platform with any external platform

  • Benefit from fully featured platforms SDK and API

  • Receive code examples and documentation

  • Apply the collaboration option that suits you – white labeling, co-branding, OEM etc.


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”Prevent the disaster! Moonscape Protection restores your computer after a crash, virus attack, or if unskilled users have «messed things up».”


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Remote control and support of your mobile devices have never been easier!

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T: + 47 93 22 20 93







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