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Remote Control Modules 1:1

Lightning fast remote control management, screen control with touch capabilities for technical support, training and monitoring. Provide remote users and nomadic unattended devices with effective technical support wherever they are.

Remote Control Management

Perform technical support tasks without limits, control remote clients and assist users. Work alongside or take over the screen, share files, execute remote shell commands and much more.

VISO provides help desks the ability to control devices remotely, get a real-time view of the device screen along with full "touch control" capabilities including keyboard and mouse control. Manage remote control situations without geographic limitations yet maintain maximum security, speed and quality.

Operating directly from the VISO web console, remote controlling a device requires no software installation - simply log in and connect to your remote devices from any browser.

One time Ad-hoc remote access

While VISO allows a constant connection, you may also have Ad-hoc connection requests for a one-time remote session. This allows admins to support any user, even your friends and family.

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