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Smart Recovery

Automatically bring back failed Windows systems to their pristine working condition in a matter of seconds. Restore multiple disabled laptops and PCs painlessly in no time.

Streamlining the optimization of students’ and trainees’ computers operating in classrooms and corporate training centers. The powerful yet easy-to-use Smart Recovery system helps IT administrators and technical support personnel to effectively manage minor and major system malfunction events and unexpected issues, such as virus attacks, bad system updates, human errors and other issues that cause computers to stop functioning, always at the wrong time.

Smart Recovery restores system configurations and settings painlessly and in a matter of seconds. Your laptops and PCs are protected from virus-infected downloads and threats that penetrate security layers. The risk of damage is eliminated in cases of crash, accidental or unauthorized configuration changes, hardware setting changes, corrupt patches and user errors.

Smart Recovery can be centrally managed by VISO device management platform and can also be installed as a stand-alone module.

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